Magic Fluke Limon Flea Soprano Ukulele

My "Limon" Flea

MFC Soprano Ukulele
Fluke Flea Ukulele with plastic bowl back
Magic fluke company Flea Ukulele


I have put Aquila Strings on and it's tuned g~C~E~A

MFC "Limon" Flea

The Magic Fluke Company is one of the biggest forces behind the current Ukulele revival. They are an American company who have taken a lot of influences from the past, combined them with some modern US manufacturing techniques, a sense of fun and produced a range of inexpensive, (their words not mine I think they are not cheap in the US and they are certainly not cheap in Europe), very playable Ukuleles.

My Flea is a 2006 limited edition "Limon" Dan Zanes one. Limon describes the green soundboard colour a play on lemon and lime and I have no idea who Dan Zanes is, but it means as well as getting the limited edition colour Flea and soft case I get a little songbook (which I'll keep safe for future collectors). Like all standard Flea's it has a plastic bowl back, a plastic fretboard, a plastic bridge and friction tuners. The sound board under the limon colour is, I believe, Australian Hooped Pine. It has a very good sound if you play it gently but gives a lot of fret noise if you play it too hard. I have replaced the Black Hilo strings it came with, with a set of Aquila Nyguts and this improves the rattle but it is still there if you get carried away