Magic Fluke Limon Flea Soprano Ukulele

My "Limon" Flea

MFC Soprano Ukulele
Fluke Flea Ukulele with plastic bowl back
Magic fluke company Flea Ukulele
I have put Aquila Strings on and it's tuned g~C~E~A

Magic fluke company Flea Ukulele



MFC "Limon" Flea

The Magic Fluke Company is one of the biggest forces behind the current Ukulele revival. They are an American company who have taken a lot of influences from the past, combined them with some modern US manufacturing techniques, a sense of fun and produced a range of inexpensive, (their words not mine I think they are not cheap in the US and they are certainly not cheap in Europe), very playable Ukuleles.

My Flea is a 2006 limited edition "Limon" Dan Zanes one. Limon describes the green soundboard colour a play on lemon and lime and I have no idea who Dan Zanes is, but it means as well as getting the limited edition colour Flea and soft case I get a little songbook (which I'll keep safe for future collectors). Like all standard Flea's it has a plastic bowl back, a plastic fretboard, a plastic bridge and friction tuners. The sound board under the limon colour is, I believe, Australian Hooped Pine. It has a very good sound if you play it gently but gives a lot of fret noise if you play it too hard. I have replaced the Black Hilo strings it came with, with a set of Aquila Nylguts and this improves the rattle but it is still there if you get carried away