Lâg Uke LAG U77S Acoustic Soprano Ukulele

My sugar mahogany Lâg

Lag chinese arch back soprano ukulele
It has Martin Fluorocarbon Strings on and is tuned g~C~E~A



Lâg U77S

Lâg are a French company founded by Michael Lâg-Chavarria. Though they started in France they now have stuff made in China. My Lâg doesn't say "made in China" anywhere; but I have seen a lot of Chinese companies claim to be the OEM

I got this Ukulele on a whim when I came across it in a shop. I was very taken by the satin "sugar mahogany" finish and the tapered arch back.

After owning it for a while I'm not quite so smitten. The sound is quite weak and I've tried it now with Aquilla, Hilo and Martin strings, (the Martins are best). I have also tried tuning it to D but this didn't help. I think the problem is the bridge below the saddle is too thick and I'm not taking the bridge off and sanding it down. it could also be the wood, my D&D has a similar finish and is also a little quiet?

It feels solidly put together and the tuning heads are very smooth. There is a little sharp bit on the side of the bridge that can catch me when I'm playing and I'm a little concerned about the satin finish. There seems to be a couple of bobbles now that I'm sure weren't there when I brought it? I'll have to keep an eye on them. I quite like playing it though and It is one of the Uke's I consider a bit of a "clunker" Something that I could travel with and wouldn't be too upset if anything happened to it.

It also came with a padded gigbag but again this bag looks better than it is, the zip catches and the single pocket is very small, I have put it at the bottom of a draw and don't use this bag at all