Kala Tie-Dye Ukadelic Soprano Ukulele

My Tie-Dye Ukadelic

Kala Ukedelic series Ukulele
Makala Ukadelic soprano Ukulele back
It has Aquila Strings on and is tuned g~C~E~A

Ukadelic by kala Soprano at Lardys Ukulele database

the 2012 Range

Ukadelic by Kala KA-STIEDYE

Kala do a very colourful range of budget Sopranos, (and a Tenor) called the Ukedelics. They are fairly low end for Kala rated just above the Makala Range (The have now made them part of the Makala range but mine was from before this branding change). Because they are low end they have Ukadelic on the headstock and you have to look pretty closely to see the "by Kala" under the Ukedelic logo. The range is very popular though and I couldn't get one in Europe and had to get it while I was in the USA

The Ukulele itself is solidly and competently made with a laminate top and body, it is better that the real budget Ukuleles but in quality of materials, build and sound not really much better than a Makala. As you can see though it is highly decorated and maybe this is what accounts for it being double the price

Overall I do think its fun and it makes a nice bright Ukulele to take to places where you want to join in but don't want to take something expensive