JMG Archtop Soprano Ukulele with replacement bridge

My referbed JMG

violin style archtop ukulele
Jack Maskell perth western australia ukulele
JMG Archtop soprano at Ukulele Corner
It has Rotosound strings on, a handmade replacement bridge and is tuned g~C~E~A
JMG Archtop soprano at Ukulele Corner

JMG Jack Maskell Guitars Soprano at Lardy's Ukulele Database

with Original Bridge
in an Australian Museum

JMG Archtop

Reputedly the best Australian Ukulele from the second half of the 20th century, possibly ever the best 20th century Australian Ukulele? With an arched front and back, it was said Jack Maskell (the JM, G stands for Guitars), learned luthiery making Violins and the design of this was closer to a Violin than a normal Ukulele? However my one is missing its floating bridge (which is a bugger because I'll never see another original one - Yes I can get some mandolin/violin type bridge to replace it but that's not quite the same), is quite scuffed up, (but after 60 odd years who isn't?) and it has quite a poor repair on the back where some separation has been re-glued. Well at least this one has all of its tuners and it comes with the original hard case too, (because I need more original hard cases- but this one does look better than most) It's also coming via America(?) so another story, if only it could talk? (but these are expensive in Oz so the US connection left it in my price range) It's another clunker; but you don't see many of these so a rare one

Now its here I find despite what I have read it's a Soprano scale. From the nut to the 12th fret is exactly 6¾ inches which gives a scale length of 13½ inches -standard Soprano. But that's about it for standard; with the pressed arch overlapping front and back, the bolt on neck, the small sound hole, the tailpiece and everything its not like any other Ukulele. Thankfully, though not great, the back gluing isn't quite a noticeable as I feared. I would however love to have a go on one in good condition so I could see how it was supposed to be?