Hudson Sunburst Acoustic Soprano Ukulele

My Hudson Sunburst

Cranes of Cardiff Hudson Soprano Ukulele
Chinese made sunburst Ukulele back
It has black GHS Strings and is tuned g~C~E~A

Hudson by Cranes two tone Soprano at Lardys Ukulele database
What I wanted

Hudson natural laminate soprano at Lardy's Ukulele Database
The Uninteresting
but more expensive Alternative

Hudson HCU-SB

I have only ever seen Hudson Ukuleles available from one shop called Cranes in Cardiff, so presumably it's their own brand? I did try and buy one of these from Cranes but it went out of stock and they were not sure they would get any more. The shop offered me one that cost double the price as an alternative but I turned it down as it just had a natural finish and wasn't as interesting - I will wait and see if they get any more

They haven't got any more, but one came up on ebay so I brought it from there. I would like to say it's "pre-loved" but sadly I don't think the last owner loved it. It's quite badly chipped around the edges and on the headstock, damage that I don't think I can really fix, which is a pity because where its not damaged you can see that it started with a nice high gloss vintage sunburst finish.

However, beyond the chips it plays fairly well and it was very cheap so if one in better condition came up or Cranes started selling them again, I could still be tempted.