Mahalo Gypsy Rose Acoustic Soprano Ukulele

My Gipsy Rose
or is it?

It has Mahalo pink String on (still) and is tuned g~C~E~A



Gipsy Rose

Gipsy Rose is a range of musical instruments produced by Team International, the same people who make Mahalo Ukuleles. The range is primarily aimed at girls and this was Miss Bluemoo's first Ukulele. She has moved on now so this one has come to live in the corner. In terms of build and quality it is equivalent to the Mahalo Smile and so I can take it to places where I wouldn't want to take an expensive or difficult to obtain one

As well as Ukuleles there is also Acoustic and Electric Guitars and Electric Basses in the Gypsy Rose Range, however whist the Ukuleles are a standard size, the Guitars, and I think this is a clever idea are seven eighths size to be more comfortable for girls to play. All instruments come in the choice of Pink, Purple or Black but only the Ukuleles get the pink strings and star shaped tuners

I really like the pink strings and star shaped machine heads. Given the chance I would use them to pimp up my Pink Flying V - (but Miss Bluemoo won't let me)