Fishuku Zebrawood Soprano Ukulele

My Zebrawood "Hamster"

Goldfish Guitars Fishuku Ukulele
Zebrano Fishuku Soprano Ukulele back
Goldfish Guitars Mahogany Fishuku Soprano at Lardy's Ukulele Database

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12 bar

It is tuned g~C~E~A and has the Aquila strings it came with

Fishuku Zebrawood

Fishuku is a range of fish shaped Ukuleles from Goldfish Guitars in Texas. They are fish shaped, (as are all of the Goldfish guitars offerings), with a fish shaped sound hole (not all goldfish guitars have one of those), because of the Christian symbolism. Never mind the religion (I remember Alex though "I've seen a Christian worshipping a fish, there'd be no kissing if he had his wish" and that's my take), I think they look fun, which is why I got one. To start with I was getting the Mahogany because that was all they would ship to the UK, but I got them to upgrade and got a Zebrawood one which is very stripy and adds to its uniqueness, (I think this was the first Fishuku in the UK - they didn't offer the option of shipping to the UK at the time - I think they do now)

Yes it is laminate Zebrawood and it is quite quiet, possibly because of the high gloss finish, but it really does have a beautiful tone, (especially for a laminate). It is nicely made, (like most low mid range Chinese made Ukuleles it looks great from any distance but if you look closely its a bit "factory"), and beautifully grained; but personally I don't think it looks much like a fish, particularly when you look at it vertically. I think it looks more like a Hamster kind of cuddly cartoon rodent thing?