1950's Fin-Der Diamond Head Plastic Acoustic Soprano Ukulele

My Diamond Head

Finder diamond head plastic standard ukulele
USA 50s marbled plastic ukulele
california 50s maccaferri alternative plastic ukulele
It has D'Addario strings on and is tuned g~C~E~A

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It's Box

Fin-Der Diamond Head

George A. Finder and Nino Marcelli set up a plastic Ukulele manufacturing company in San Diego in 1950. their most famous product was the Diamond Head. It says on the headstock "Pat. Pend." They applied for the patent in 1950, (actually 3 months before Maccaferri), and it was granted in 1952 but this doesn't help exact dating as they never updated the headstock

As well as being earlier that the Maccaferri patent this design was much simpler and this is why it was widely copied

The Ukulele itself sounds and plays very well for a 60 year old instrument that even when new was considered a toy by a lot of people

My Diamond Head came with the original multi-coloured strings, these were suppose to help people learn to play and they look very interesting, however I have taken them off this one and put them on my Mauna Loa as this probably came with the same sort of strings but hasn't aged so well and I will play it a lot less. I have put a set of D'Addario's onto this one, (Perhaps I should think about putting a black set of strings on for contrast?) It also came with it's original box which was a little moth eaten but I have put away safely so it doesn't get any worse and can be enjoyed by the next custodian