Doraemon Cartoon Pineapple soprano ukulele

My Doraemon

chinese made pineapple soprano ukulele with laser etching
laminate pineapple soprano ukelele back
chard pineapple soprano ukulele with laser etching
It has Aquila Strings and is tuned g~C~E~A.
Sounds good on a D tuning too - I could go that way?

laminate pineapple soprano ukelele back

Chard at Lardy's Ukulele database

this ones branded Chard

Doraemon Pineapple

Gambling again, I brought this from the Internet with no more information than a few pictures. It came from a small Shanghai distributor called Gloreal who seems to have a lot of brands with some interesting Ukuleles that I've not really seen outside of China. As they were not very expensive and had a few that I would like to invite to the Corner I thought I would take a punt on one and see what happened. I picked this one because I wanted more Pineapples and I thought the Doraemon theme would be unusual and a little bit cool, (Doraemon is a Japanese Manga Space Cat with no ears who first appeared in the early 70's and is apparently now a bit of a cultural Icon - I checked with Miss Moo because she is into Japanese Manga and she thought it was cool too)

It arrived much quicker than I was expecting, (I was expecting the old "slow Boat from China...). The design looks like a stencil print rather than laser etching, (which is what I thought from the picture), but that's fine, its just more susceptible to scratch damage. It is built solidly and is laminate, (which I expected for the price), it also came with the highest factory setup saddle I have ever seen. Looking the whole thing over, apart from the obvious, (Picture and Headstock), it is identical to a Lanikai LU21p, even the white binding and perloid machine head buttons, (Gloreal also sell Lanikais so I'm 100% its from the same factory). I've sorted the saddle out now and its a very nice player, keeps tune, good intonation and I'm thinking this gamble paid off nicely too.