aNueNue U900 Bear Pineapple Soprano Ukulele

My Bear 900

anuenue chinese pineapple ukulele
anuenue laminate pineapple ukulele back
anuenue cartoon pineapple ukulele
It has Aquila Strings and is tuned g~C~E~A

The "hip" padded gigbag it came in

The U Rabbit one

aNueNue Bear 900

aNueNue is a very respected Brand, (usually made in Vietnam), and I wanted an example of their work. I don't know the cartoon characters on these Ukuleles other than it is something Japanese, but the rabbit and bear shaped sound hole make them distinctive and fun. I had heard the Pineapple was similar to my Luna Tattoo but I thought they must be different because the Luna is Chinese and the Bear Vietnamese...

The Bear arrived with a "Made in China" Sticker on the back!
Oh well, it is a nice Ukulele, it has a very colourful and "hip", (if you like manga and that sort of thing), padded gigbag, and I've always liked my Luna Tattoo.

This is also now Miss Moo (who does know who the cartoon characters are)'s favorite Ukulele so she "borrows" it and leaves her Gypsy Rose at Ukulele Corner