Amuse Ukulelia Rose Plastic Acoustic Soprano ukulele

My Ukulelia Rose

kiwaya plastic ukulele
Sekiguchi Kazuyuki pink see through plastic Ukulele back
It has D'addario strings on and is tuned a~D~F#~B

Sekiguchi Kazuyuki Kiwiya limited edition plastic soprano Ukulele in see through case
in its Clear Case

Sekiguchi Kazuyuki pineapple orange soprano at Lardys Ukulele Database

The others, Peace and Pineapple

Amuse by Sekiguchi

This range was designed by Japanese designer Sekiguchi Kazuyuki and made by Kawiya, the top major Japanese Ukulele manufacturer so they are very good and will probably be future collectors items. I was originally going to get the "Peace" one (there were three different models in the set, this one the Green Peace one and an orange one they called "Pineapple" though it is still a figure 8 body shape), but it was out of stock at the time and in waiting for new stock the Pink "Ukulelia Rose" grew on me so I got that one instead

The friction pegs are a bit of a bind and let's face it, its not that radical a design. Quality wise, it doesn't sound as nice or play as well as a similarly priced wooden Ukulele, and though it is heavier and feels more substantial than my other, more experienced plastic Sopranos, having had it a couple of years and seeing the stress marks on the sound board if you leave the strings under tension, I'm not sure it will last as well? But then it is as much a future collector's item as a musical instrument and it still does works as a musical instrument especially tuned a~D~F#~B, (though this doesn't help with the stress tension marks)

On the collectors item credentials, it came with a special certificate that tells me it is number 656, (out of how many, I don't know?), and the, (some say naff), clear plastic carry case. I won't use the case or take any of the paperwork out of it, (its all in Japanese anyway), but will put it somewhere safe for the future.

To be honest if I lost this one for any reason I'm not sure I would get another, (and I certainly wouldn't recommend one!). Its a bit of fun but was hugely overpriced, (though when I see them for sale these days I see the price has dropped a lot - still to much for what it is though) and I still see plenty for sale new so as a collectors item it hasn't really taken off yet