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My Lilac Demon

Aiersi devil purple budget soprano ukulele
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I don't know what the strings are but they are not bad and its tuned g~C~E~A



Aiersi Lilac Demon

I first saw one of these a while ago on one of those Chinese mail order sites branded as Headway and I thought with the little demon on it, it looked fun. but not worth the grief and cost of shipping from China. Then, whilst doing some "research" for the database, I came across an importer in Scotland that was selling them in a number of colours for a very cheap price; and for some reason the lilac one was cheaper than the other colours? Extra great as lilac was the colour I wanted anyway, and no import agro, how could I resist? Well in most western religions Demons are sent to tempt and I was tempted so here it is at Ukulele Corner because its fun and I don't have any truck with overdressed superstition.

As its here and I'm trying to do proper reviews of my Ukuleles I shall endeavour to a full review of it even give that it is one of the cheapest costing Ukulele I have ever seen and I shall try not to bring this up too often. So...

It was made in China in 2012, it is a 12 fret Soprano made of what is usually described as "basswood", so laminate, man made cellulose based wood like material. It is finished in a semi-gloss lilac paint with an ebonised fretboard and a couple of black cartoon "Demon" Decals, one under the sound hole and one as the headstock logo. the one under the sound hole is headless as the sound hole itself is embellished with extra cut-outs so it can resemble a horned head. It has a square tie-off bridge with a plastic saddle and nut, and a set of fully enclose chrome geared tuners. The quality of the finish is actually very good. the paint is evenly applied with none where it shouldn't be and everything that should be covered covered there is no signs of excess glue externally, but there is a gap under part of the bridge where possibly more glue could have been applied. Internally there is liberal amounts of excess glue and a chip on one of the main bracing pieces. The tuners are particularly good for the price, smooth, accurate, and nicely finished, though they do encroach on the headstock decal. The nut is well made and well fitted as are all of the frets with no lifting and no jagged overhangs. The factory setup was a bit high for my liking and did add to the intonation being off by a full note at the 12th fret. I have lowered the action, pretty much as low as it will go given the bridge height and its still a bit high but much better that it was. This has also improved the intonation and its now about ½ a note off at the 12th fret.

It does very well on the sound front, first it is surprisingly loud for a basswood laminate. Reducing the saddle hight has reduced the volume a little but its still louder than you would expect. It has a reasonably balanced tone, no great highs and possibly lacking a little at the low end, but that's to be expected given its construction. With the smoothness of the frets and finish, it is very nice to play, with no buzzes and no scratches, its less good the further up the fret board you go but this is aimed at the beginners market so this isn't a major drawback. The strings it came with are actually quite good and though they were a bit to easy to catch poorly when the action was high the lowering has sorted this problem making it overall a very easy player

This is made with the ham fisted, children and being a "throwaway - take anywhere" Ukulele in mind so it is robust and will almost certainly outlast me so long as that isn't really a lack of glue at the bridge and I'm not going to get one of those midnight "Cloooonggggg's"

To sum up then, and I'm going to have to bring price in here, this is a very, very good budget Ukulele one of the best, if not the best, I have seen; and heard. It is stylish, fun, well made for the price and will work with children or grown ups who want something a little bit quirky to take to the beach/camping or wherever. If I lost it I probably wouldn't move heaven and earth to get another one after all it is only a cheap little budget thing, but I wouldn't hesitate to get another should it cross my path again, and I would recommend it as highly as a Makala Dolphin to anyone asking about a first Uke