Samwill rope Talina SW-21 maple soprano Ukulele

My Talina SW-21
but we know it's a Samwill

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Samwill Rope pacific walnut Soprano ukulele

My Samwill Rope

Tuned g~C~E~A

Talina SW-21

Officially this is a brand new Ukulele that I invited from a dealer in Germany, who in turn got it from a dealer in the US who had originally imported it from the makers in China! I'm not sure that a Ukulele that has traveled this much to get to Ukulele Corner can be called brand new, even if it is nice and shiny.

Anyway, what I have invited is a solid, flame maple Soprano with proper wood rope binding, branded as Talina by the US importer ( and then sold on to a German dealer, (maybe because UkuleleWorld has shut down?). I know that it was originally made in China by Samwill Ukulele and Mandolin Co. and that they make damn fine Ukuleles! I know this because my Samwill pacific walnut Soprano is one of my very favourites, for looks, tone and quality of manufacture. Though this one is the same basic design the walnut one is very dark and this one is much lighter.

Now it's arrived I can see that it's every bit as lovely, well made and tuneful as I had hoped. They really are good Ukuleles, (or Mandolins), if you get the chance...