Samwill Rope pacific walnut Soprano ukulele

My Samwill Rope

handmade chinese soprano ukulele
Sawmill soprano ukulele back
Samwill mahogany pineapple soprano at Lardy's Ukulele Database

Another Samwill
same rope binding style

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It has Aquila strings on and is tuned g~C~E~A

Samwill Black Walnut

The Samwill, (sometimes misread as Sawmill), Handmade Ukulele & Mandolin Musical Instrument Co. is a small Taiwanese manufacturer trying to work like a luthier. They have a small output that are largely handmade with a range of standard models, a custom department, and usually a wait if you order, for them to build the Ukulele

This was a special sample Samwill made for a US distributor; but the distributor decided not to go with Samwill and sold it off cheap - to me, (though shipping and tax doubled the price).

Why they didn't go with Samwill I don't know? This is a really nice Ukulele it is very well made with all of the rope binding, (and there is a lot of it, even on the bridge and fret board!) being proper wood inlay not just a printed pattern. All of the body is solid American Black Walnut, no laminate. It also has a really good tone and a great action when playing. All in all this is as good a Ukulele as any I have.