Mahalo Flying V Soprano Ukulele

My Pink Flying "V"

art 1 series mahalo pink flying v Ukulele
team international chinese made v ukulele  back
team international mahalo pink flying v Ukulele
team international Mahalo Flying V soprano at Lardys Ukulele Database

like my Brothers

flying v ukulele case
its special fitted case
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It has Mahalo Strings and is tuned g~C~E~A

Mahalo Pink "Vee"

My Brothers Black Mahalo Flying V is the godfather of my Collection. I had a go on that and decided Ukuleles were fun and then got my Mahalo Tele, (Well he had a Flying V)

Once I started the collection I knew I would have to get a Flying V too, just not a black one. I was tempted by a red one from a different importer but once I saw it I knew it had to be pink!

The Ukulele itself needed work to make it playable and still is not great to play, but it is now playable, it is fun, I have pimped it a bit and might pimp it some more (Pink strings - Star shaped tuners...)

Sound wise its not a great tone and it's quite uncomfortable to play for any length of time (though my brother manages it somehow?) this one really is for looking at rather than being your number one player. It will stand up on its own though which can be quite a handy trait