Soprano (a.k.a. Standard)

The most common size with a scale length of between 32 and 36cm (12½ - 14 inches) Usually set at 34cm (13½ inches). This is the original Ukulele size and pretty much everyone has a Soprano in their range, so there are lots of varieties out there. Some say that only Sopranos can officially be called Ukuleles and that the other sizes should go under different names

Here are all my Soprano Ukuleles
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Veneered Kit Built Soprano
Badgers Head

Rosewood Rubin Soprano Ukulele

Aersi Demon Soprano
Aiersi Demon

Mahalo "Surf" Steel Strung Electric Soprano Ukulele
Mahalo Surf

Jazzbox Archtop Spruce & Maple Acoustic Soprano
Chennell Jazzbox

Manuel Rodrigeuz Signature  Koa Soprano
Manuel Rodrigeuz Signature

Bugsgear Aqulele

john hornby skewes laka butterfly soprano ukulele vus75
Laka VUS 75
Magic Fluke "Limon" Flea Ukulele Soprano
MFC "Limon" Flea
Ukiyo Vita
Ukiyo Vita
Samwill Rope Mahogany Acoustic Soprano
Luna "Tattoo" Pineapple Acoustic
Luna Tattoo
Disney Pixar Woody's Roundup Plastic toy Ukulele
Woody's Roundup
Toy Story 3

aNueNue U900 Bear Pinapple Acoustic Soprano
aNueNue Bear900

Mahalo Smile Acoustic Soprano
Mahalo "Smile"

Risa Stick Electric Soprano
Risa Stick

Doraemon Cartoon Pineapple Acoustic Soprano

Stagg "Zebra" Ukulele Soprano
Stagg Zebra

Mahalo Banjo roundbody camp  Soprano Ukulele
Mahalo Art Series 1


Hudson Sunburst Acoustic Soprano
Hudson Sunburst
Redburst Makala Dolphin Acoustic Soprano
Makala Dolphin
Mainland "Reggae" Gecko Acoustic Soprano
Mainland Reggae Gecko
Mahalo "Flying V" Acoustic Soprano
Mahalo Pink"V"
Ovation Applause Roundback Acoustic Soprano
Ovation Applause
Clearwater Vita "Mandolin" Electro-Acoustic Soprano

LAG U77S Acoustic Soprano

Vineyard Paddle Acoustic Soprano
Vineyard Paddle

Veelah "Vamboo" Bamboo Acoustic Soprano
Veelah Vamboo

Kala "Tie-Dye" Ukadelic Acoustic Soprano
Kala Tie-Dye Ukadelic

D&D UK44S Acoustic Soprano

Mahalo "Telecaster" Electro-Acoustic Soprano
Mahalo Telecaster

Amuse Ukulelia Rose Plastic Acoustic Soprano
Amuse Ukelelia Rose

Gremlin box travel soprano Ukulele
Ashbury Lonely Player
Vox Hello Kitty UK33 soprano Ukulele
Vox Hello Kitty
Scheonhut Butterfly Soprano Ukulele
Schoenhut Butterfly
disney pixar toy story 2 Soprano Ukulele
"Woodys Roundup
Toy Story 2
Vineyard Flying V Soprano Ukulele
Vineyard Flying"A"
Huayi IZ ZI ultra thin Soprano
IZ Ultrathin

Mahalo Alien Soprano that glows in the dark
Mahalo Alien

Tanglewood Union series TU1 Soprano
Tanglwood TU1

Homemade Cigar (actually Trinket) Box Soprano
"Homemade Cigar Box

Tom Cedar & Rosewood Acoustic Soprano

Gypsy Rose Acoustic Soprano
Gipsy Rose

Fishuku Zebrawood Acoustic Soprano

Makala ghost Waterman plastic soprano Ukulele
Makala Ghost Waterman

Mexican Martin laminate 0xb soprano Ukulele
Martin 0XB
Ron Jon Surf Shop Soprano
Ron Jon Surf Shop
Nukulele Soprano
Lahaina Mahogany Long Neck Acoustic Soprano Ukulele  2005
Enya eur-x1 Roundbody Soprano
Enya EUR-X1
Ackerman Plastic Soprano