Tangi Tiny Koa Sopranino Ukulele

My Tiny Tangi

Tangi koa mini pocket ukulele
tangi tully midget small ukulele back
Tangi sopranissimo mini piccolo bambino ukulele
Tang tull the biggest playable ukulele in the world at  Lardy's Database

Next to a 1 dollar note for scale

the strings are what it came with and the tuning is usually an open chord around F or G so if it were F# the strings would be D~F#~B~f#

Tangi "Tiny"

Tangi were (they may have stopped trading in 2009) an interesting Hawaiian/Vietnamese outfit run by Tangi Tully. Their reputation is a bit dicey, some people say they were really good, others that the Ukuleles are very prone to cracks due to poor wood and manufacture quality, (common Vietnamese issues). What is the case, as far as I am concerned is they made some nice looking Ukuleles and some real oddities including the "Biggest Ukulele in the World" and the "Smallest playable ukulele in the World" (their claims?). Whilst they only made one big one, they made a number of the tiny ones and I have got one! There are a number of U Tube video's showing people playing it, (otherwise I would have been doubtful about playability).

Mine is tuned d~G#~B~E because its that small it has to be. Chord transposing is not so big an issue because there is only a few chord shapes you can make. I am tempted to give it an open chord tuning because that would make playing it a lot easier - but then thats not the point.

I gave up trying to be clever and now it has an open D tuning  - Play bottleneck slide with an electric screw driver!

For the record it is a solid koa Ukulele with a one piece back and soundboard, and it has a total body length of 255mm, (10in), and a scale length of 168mm (65/8in) Tiny!