Taylor roundbody Blue Comet banjo sopranino ukulele

My "Roundbody"

German made camp mini ukulele
Taylor schoenhut wooden midget banjo ukulele
German made round body piccolo ukulele
Perlberg & Halpin blue Comet roundbody pocket at Lardy's Ukulele Database

Blue Comet
but not with the original Bridge

The strings on it feel like Aquilla's and are OK so whilst, as a Mini scale, it could go for higher tuning, in view of its age it has a standard g~C~E~A. tuning

Blue Comet Roundbody

This was a purchase from eBay with very little information as it came with the Harmony Classmate Soprano and that was the main item. After some research I have found that it dates from the 1920's and was probably originally branded as a Blue Comet I say probably here because although it looks identical to the Blue Comet (a Perlberg & Halpin Brand Name), pictured I have seen very similar Ukuleles sold by PMICo, Scheonhut and there is one with some dancer decals on, in the Ukulele Hall of Fame listed as a Taylor Roundbody. My best guess for the actual maker is one of the German factories, (and given the Headstock shape I would say Wunderlict), so it may have come straight from there rather than via New York for P&H to brand

This Ukulele has a scale length of 29cm (11 2/3 inches), the same as the Ohana SK21, so it is a genuine Sopranini Size. The tuning pegs may have been replaced, but I think the bridge is original, and I know the tailpiece is. The neck is straight and the frets are not sharp and in good order so the thing is perfectly playable, if a little small. There is a large crack on the front that has been repaired fairly solidly and does not detract too much from the overall look and feel.