Enya Ka Kaka Pony bowl backed Midget piccolo baby Ukette

My Little Pony Ukulele
well it is little; and it is mine so...

ABS back spruce top midget ukette kaka enya china
plastic back baby pocket laser etched ka Ukulele
sopranino bambino kaka bowl backed dog sound hole Ukulele


It has Aquila Nyguts and is tuned a~D~F#~B

Enya Ka Pony

What I have invited here is a spruce top, plastic backed Mini from Enya. I believe it is part of their Kaka brand but it only says "Ka" on the headstock and it has a laser etched and cut pony as a sound hole. I still have a very soft spot for Minis and I thought the Pony was a sign, (and it was very cheap - once again I was looking in the buy it now section of ebay for some Uke of the day pictures, was going to use this as it looked cute but then thought "never mind just liking the picture, at that price I might as well "buy it now" and now it on its way to Ukulele Corner incorporating the Pony Guitar Sanctuary

Now it's here i can see it is a Kaka, (all of the factory packaging says so even if nothing on the Ukulele itself does). It is a Mini, scale length 286mm (or a fraction over 11 inches), and the spruce top is laminate, (but for the price I paid that's not a surprise). The plastic back is very solid and rigid, and looks like it and the neck was all cast as one piece? It is surprisingly heavy for a Mini but it is surprisingly loud for a Mini too, with a lot more tone for it's size. I don't know if this has anything to do with the volume but it has come with, without doubt the biggest, highest factory saddle I have ever seen on a Ukulele. This gives it quite a high action and doesn't help the intonation up the neck, I am going to have to reduce it by a half probably, (If I could cut it neatly enough I could probably make two sensible saddles from it; but I'm sure its too hard to cut). It also came with quite a funky vinyl Kaka branded carry bag, not padded, but quite thick so offers some protection. All in all I'm very pleased with this, the Pony is not "Pony" at all