Mini (a.k.a - Sopranino, Piccolo, Sopranissimo or Pocket)

The smallest of the Ukulele Sizes with a scale length of less than 32cm (or 12 inches). Some say this is not a proper scale at all but it has been around since the early 1900's when Jonah Kumalae, (the first mass producer of Ukuleles and the man responsible for really introducing them outside Hawaii), started making his "Minis". Only a few companies make this size and there is not a lot of variety with those that do. They can be tricky to play because they are so small and they are often tuned higher than a standard Ukulele

Here are all my Mini scale Ukuleles
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 Brueko Sopranino Ukulele
Brüko "Stumpy" Prototype

Carnival Cowboy palstic sopranino Ukulele
Carnival Cowboy

Kaka Pony abs backed pocket sopranino Ukulele
Kaka Pony

Ohana SK21 Mahogany Sopranino ukelele
Ohana SK21

iUke Sopranino Pineapple ukulele
iUke Pineapple

tanglewood Mini
Tanglewood TRUTV

taylor blue comet banjo Ukulele Sopranini uke
Blue Comet Round

Kaka Love sopranino Ukulele
Kaka "Love"

Tangi Tiny Mini Koa Ukulele Sopranino
Tangi "Tiny"
George la Foley roundbody Sopranino Ukulele
La Foley Round
Tom Thumb Nato Soprinino ukulele
Tom "Thumb"
Carnival Banjo plastic Sopranino ukulele
Carnival Banjo
Kala Pocket Sopraninimo Sopranino acacia Ukulele
Kala Pocket
Maccaferri Sparkle Plenty Islander Ukette Sopranini Ukulele
Maccaferri Islander Sparkle Plenty
Leolani Bean Ukulele Sopranino
Leolani Bean
Hong Kong Banjo Sopranino Ukulele
T Plastic's Banjo