Tom Thumb Nato mini Sopranino ukulele

My Tom "Thumb"

queen musical industries china mini pocket midget sopranino baby ukulele
qmi tom midget pocket baby sopranissimo tiny ukulele
It has Aquila strings on and is tuned a~D~F#~B. but I could probably go higher?



Tom TUP-200

This came from the same supplier in China that sold me the Doraemon and so was very inexpensive. Apart from its Chinese, I don't know much about the brand though? I assume its a factory brand and I have seen a few other Ukuleles branded Tom on sale around the Far East, (Including one that was almost identical to the Fishuku, close enough that they are obviously from the same factory) The marketing from the factory doesn't call it a "Tom Thumb", that's my idea but given its size it seemed appropriate to me.

The Ukulele itself is solidly made of Nato, (or Swamp Mahogany - a tree in the same family as Mahogany that grows in boggy areas and takes a while to dry out, however it is inexpensive if a little plain, and very stable when its ready to use). It was the first acoustic Mini I had seen with geared tuners, (a number of other Chinese Manufacturers, including Kaka have since copied the idea), they do make it a little head heavy and it does look crowded on the back of the headstock but its so much nicer to tune. The proportions of the width of the body are like that of a thin travel Ukulele, (possibly if they had made it thicker it would be better balanced?) but given all of its, (minor), faults its not an unattractive Ukulele. It has a nice open pore satin finish and I think it's at least as nice as the Kala Mahogany Pocket. Sound wise I think its surprisingly good, clear and with a nice tone and its OK to play too. All in all a good Ukulele