My Tiny Tanglewood

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Tanglewood TRUTV Tribal Spirit

This is one of Tanglewoods latest range of Tribal Spirit Ukuleles and is mini scale, so its the "Tiny Tanglewood Tribal Spirit" (no poetry but a little alliteration). Having decided to invite it and "brought it now" I read some of the reviews for it and they were all pretty unflattering. Oh well it was very cheap, (I thought), and I do love a Mini so I will wait and see before passing judgment.

Now it's here and it's not to bad. Granted, it's not of sufficient quality to set the world on fire but then it never was going to be at the recommended retail price, but it's certainly not the badly made dog described in some of the reviews I have seen. It is a nice little mini, tricky to play with all of the other faults Minis have but I'm happy it come to Ukulele Corner