1950 Maccaferri Sparkle Plenty Islander Ukette Sopranino Ukulele

My Sparkle Plenty

Maccaferri mastro mini Ukulele sparkle plenty
Maccaferri Islander Ukette Ukulele with faux marble back
Maccaferri mastro mini Ukulele sparkle plenty
It has D'Addario strings and is tuned a~D~F#~B

1950 Advertisement
1950 advert for Maccaferri sparkle plenty Ukette UkuleleI don't have the booklet

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Sparkle Plenty Ukette

The Ukette is small even for a Mini with a scale length of 24.5 cm (9.75 in) and a total body length of 38cm (15 in). Maccaferri made a number of Ukette Models but this one was produced in 1950 as a "special" to go with the Dick Tracy cartoon and is probably the most famous of them. Sparkle Plenty was a little girl who appeared in the cartoons and though this Ukette was aimed at small children a point was made in the advertising that "this is a real Ukulele in every detail just like the professional Maccaferri Islander" and not a toy.

As the advert says, the Ukulele itself is just a smaller version of the Maccaferri Islander with a white top and a marbled faux wood back and sides. It is difficult, but not impossible to play and due to its size it isn't very loud. You can tune it g~C~E~A but it happily takes a D tuning and can go higher (but its hard enough to play without trying to remember a whole new set of transpositions!)