Ohana SK21 Mahogany Sopranino Ukulele

My Little Ohana

ohana mahogany sopranino pocket ukulele
Ohana Mini midget baby Ukulele
Tuning? I can't decide, g~C~E~A or a~D~F#~B? I have tried both and they both work well...
Currently its a~D~F#~B



Ohana SK21

Although it is a little bigger than the Kala Pocket range with a scale length of 29.5cm, (11.6 in), instead of 28cm, (11 in), which I did consider buying at the time, it is less expensive and less common. I think it also looks better than the Mahogany Pocket and is a lot easier to play. It plays and feels like a good quality Ukulele - all in all a nice piece of Mahogany. The satin finish is excellent and everything fits together properly with no poor finish marks, extraneous glue or anything like that. The tone, as with all Sopraninos, is a little weak and lacking in bass but then that is to be expected; it is after all very small.