Enya Kaka Love mini sopranino pocket ukulele

My Kaka Love

Kaka baby love ukulele
chinese made mini ukulele
Kaka bambino love ukelele
It has Aquila Strings and is tuned a~D~F#~B

Kaka bambino love ukelele



Kaka by Enya "Love"

I have always said on this site and in my reviews that Minis are really not for beginners but surprisingly some people don't seem to believe me, (or perhaps they don't look at the site regularly? nah can't be that). Anyway this came up on ebay as being too small, so they were selling it. I think this site shows amongst other things that I'm a sucker for Minis so even if it does look suspiciously like my Tom Thumb, (except for the spruce top and the heart shaped sound hole and the bridge and the end of the fretboard - maybe it's starting to sound a bit different), and even if I'm not sure about the brand name Kaka (which must have seemed like a cunning plan to a Chinese marketing executive but phonetically is, I believe, Spanish for shit), there is always a place for it here at Ukulele Corner; especially at the price I ended up getting it for. I had better start practicing "Love is in the air" or songs of a similar nature...

It's here now and to be honest it's not quite as well made as the Tom Thumb, though the wood is a lot prettier, so I don't think they are from the same factory? This one, when compared directly with the Tom looks like perhaps the owners of this factory got a Tom, (I saw the Toms Thumbs on sale well before these), and then copied it. Like they made a mold for this from the Tom? Anyway as I said its very pretty and that's part of what its about; and despite the name if definitely isn't shit.