T Plastics Hong Kong Sopranino Mini Banjo Ukulele

My 396 Banjo

T 396 plastic HK Ukelele banjo
T plastic Ukulele banjo back
T 396 plastic banjo
It's tuned g~C~E~A with Rotosound strings on



T Plastics Banjo

When I brought this it was still brand new in the box...
well bag actually it was never posh enough to have come in a box. It was old shop stock from the 1970's that had never sold and the seller had half a dozen of them. I didn't know when I brought it that it was made by the same firm that made my Beat Guitar but it is. Even with its original packaging though I know no more about the firm, (I know how to play Old MacDonald because it had that on the packaging but no address or anything), that only dating evidence I have is the post decimal price tag but that doesn't mean much. If they got it pre-decimalisation, (1971 for those that don't know), they would, by law, have had to change the price tag and take the old one off.