Yamaha GL1 Guitalele 6 string Ukulele

My Yamaha GL1

Yamaha Guilele quarter size Guitar Ukulele
Yamaha ¼ size Guitar Guitarlele Ukulele back
Yamaha Guitlele 1/4 size Guitar Ukulele
It has Rotosound strings on and is tuned A~D~G~c~e~a

Yamaha Guilele quarter size Guitar Ukulele

it's only little



Yamaha GL1 Guitalele

Guitalele is, as the name suggests a hybrid between a Ukulele and a Guitar. The size is that of a Tenor Ukulele, (or a 1/4 Classical Guitar and the tuning is set like a Ukulele, (that is the equivalent of the Guitar capo'd at the 5th Fret), but it is not re entrant and includes all 6 strings so A~D~G~C~E~A (This is one of the things makes it different from a Lili'u Ukulele). Most Ukulele makers outside of Hawaii don't make them but some of the top Hawaiian makers include them in the range.

Oddly Yamaha, who only make really expensive Ukuleles, also make a modestly priced one. It has a nice Tenor sound if you miss out the extra string, leaving them in makes it much bassier. The neck is thicker that a Tenor or even Baritone Ukulele but not so thick as to give Ukulele size gaps between the strings, so it does end up quite tight for your fingers in between the the frets (and I'm not a good Guitarist anyway - then I'm not a good Ukulele player!) For the money it cost it is very well made, but obviously all laminate, and if you were to re string it you could tune it as a normal Guitar

It comes with a tartan cloth gigbag - super tasteless carrying it home on the train - too ugly even to photograph!

And the key question is can I remember what to do on the extra strings? - Or shall I cheat and take them off??