Guitalele (a.k.a. Guitarlele, 1/4 size Guitar, Ukulele Guitar)

The Guitalele is ostensibly a hybrid between a Guitar and a Tenor Scale Ukulele but it's origins, history and place within the Guitar family is a lot more complex than that. The name Guitalele appears first to have been used in 1995 by Yamaha to market the 1/4 size Classical Guitar they were producing, but the 1/4 Classical Guitar has been around for a lot longer than this, (and there are some references in Hawaii to a Ukulele Guitar before this as well?). For construction the Guitalele is tuned A~D~G~C~E~A and has a 41 - 46 cm, (16 to 18 inch), Ukulele Tenor Scale; any smaller and its an Octave Guitar, any larger and its a Terz Guitar. However both the Terz and the Octave Guitars like a normal Guitar, (or a whole octave higher) so would a smaller or larger scale length but the same A~D~G~C~E~A tuning still be a Guitalele? I think so.

Here are all my Guitaleles
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Yamaha GL1 Guitalele 6 string Ukulele
Yamaha GL1

Volcano Rock-a-teer VE-07 electric Guitalele
Volcano Rock-a-teer

Maestro by gibson 30 inch Guitalele
Maestro by Gibson

Ashbury AG-40 Guitalele
Ashbury AG40