Takamine GU C1 Concert Ukulele

My Takamine
a Juicy One

esp laminate mahogany concert ukulele
Takamine japan concert ukulele back 2012
Takamine laminate mahogany concert ukulele
It has Aquila Red strings on and is tuned g~C~E~A



Takamine GU-C1

Having decided to buy the Tenor Resonator I thought I would have a look to see if there was anything else I wanted that would put the total cost over the threshold for free shipping? A couple of sets of strings wasn't going to do it neither was the Noir Plastered (though I was tempted) and there was this; a Takamine Concert reduced as B Stock. Now I've been thinking about getting a Takamine for a while. Though the Ukuleles are not spectacular to look at they have a reputation for being very good, and now they are discontinued there is a bit of rarity creeping in. At some stage in the future when they are no longer obtainable will I wish I'd got one? Well no now because I bought, it I checked with Thomann and they told me it was B stock because it was shop soiled (the display one coming off the shelf as its discontinued now) so they'd knocked a bit off the price and they were already the cheapest European outlet for Takamines and by buying it I got free shipping And its my Birthday so...

And my first thought on getting it was "what a crappy cheap gig bag"
but I really must stop fixating on the gig bags and cases they are not important I've got far more than I know what to do with and more than enough good cases for every scale of Ukulele there is: Leave it...
it is crappy though.

The contents of the bag - what is important - is really nice. The Ukulele has a lovely neck, really smooth tuners and nice open pour satin finish and a very good tone for a laminate . As for its B stock used credentials there is the tiniest chip in the bottom at the back. apart from that you wouldn't know it was used