GH&S Sunburst Soprano

My Sunburst Special

BS RM London pre war Uke
Rose Morris long scale european vintage sunburst at Ukelele Corner
barnet samuel british made sunburst concert Ukulele
It has fluorocarbon strings on, and is tuned g~C~E~A

barnet samuel british made sunburst concert Ukulele



Sunburst Special

This is an unbranded vintage, probably British, certainly European somewhere, sunburst Ukulele in very good, (from the photos and description), condition. The buy it now price was very reasonable, (read bargain); reasonable enough that even though there was a make an offer option I didn't quibble and paid the full asking price. It's almost certainly from the 30's, (the only doubt in my mind is it looks in such good condition, and with no case, it looks newer), and from the headstock and bridge I was thinking George Houghton, though the sunburst finish makes me think of Dallas and maybe continental? Possibly I will find out more when it gets here but wherever it comes from its very welcome at Ukulele Corner

Where it arrived I found it's a small Concert with a scale length of 360mm, (14¼ inches), rather than a Soprano, even given the fact that I don't think it is the original bridge, (It looks newer and there is a fair amount of glue around it), the nut to 12th fret length bears out this should be the scale length. Now its here I am leaning more towards Windsor being the maker though because its not the original bridge identification is harder. It does look to have been of a reasonable quality when it was made though, with a good original bone(?) nut, a good seperate fretboard, (and brass bar frets suggesting it might even date back to the 20's?) and the tuners are original too, (though a couple of screws have been replaced; probably when the bridge was done). Coming from that period, only good models had friction tuners and not wooden pegs, and having replaced the 3 old nylon strings it came with I can hear it has a very nice tone.