Ammoon uc-kj05 colorised Concert Ukulele

My ammoon in it's pajamas

Colourful Chinese Concert Ukulele
ammoon alto shop ukulele
ammoon Colorful Chinese Concert Ukulele
It has Aquila strings and is tuned g~C~E~A



ammoon UC-KJ05

I was hunting through the ebay "buy it now" section looking for something new to be Ukulele of the day (Something I do occasionally if I'm behind with my posting - as a general rule I stay away from "buy it now" as it's too dangerous - as you can see...) and I saw this...
Well it is pretty striking, (and stripy), and hard to miss! One look and I thought "yes that would make a fine Ukulele of the day". It was listed as Colorized 24" Wooden Acoustic Soprano Ukulele. Now to me 24 inches usually means Concert so it's either a 14 fret Supersoprano or a mistranslation? Its wooden and with no specifics here, it's probably some kind of laminate or possibly bamboo? (but probably not at the price for buy it now). Anyway instead of Ukulele of the day I invited one to Ukulele Corner, (where it can be Ukulele of the day in future after I have photographed it). Its branded as ammoon which is not a make I know much about but they do brand an identical model to my Rubin so I'm thinking another Chinese ebay distributor and probably the same oem as the Rubin: and possibly some of my other modern Chinese Ukuleles, (that fret board is the same as my Cedar Tom for example). I will look into ammoon (and the small a at the beginning of the name is in all of the publicity and on the headstock logo, it's not me having a grammar failure), some more as I wait for it to arrive and maybe have some answers by then to go with the physical answers I will have once I am playing it. Until then, well I think it looks lovely.

When it got here I was "buggered" for tax before I could have it so it hasn't ended up quite the bargain I'd hoped. But it is VERY colourful; and the finish is very good; and it's definitely a normal Concert sized body and scale so that answers that question. I'm still having to stretch the new Aquila strings on it (the E particularly seems to need a lot of stretching), but so far I'm not wild about the tone? Hopefully it will improve once the strings settle down; and it was the colourfulness that made me buy it. It's just it's ended up a little more expensive than a purely decorative Uke...
But I still do think it looks lovely

Now the strings have settled in a bit the tone has improved. It's still not "tiny angels stuck in honey" but then it was never going to be. It is a nice Chinese factory made laminate Ukulele tone, from a nice Chinese factory made laminate Ukulele.