Stagg Stratocaster eku S-BK Electric Concert Ukulele

My Black Strat
With Gold Strings

black stagg S1 stratocaster Ukulele
Stagg electric ukelele
harley benton strat concert ukulele
It has Ko'Aloha Gold strings on and is tuned g~C~E~A

The Sunburst LP

Stagg S-BK

Stagg are musical importers and distributors rather than manufacturers and they distribute a very wide range of instruments other than Ukuleles. They do have a large catalogue of Ukuleles too though, and one of the standouts in their Ukulele range is the solid body S "Stratocaster" and L "Les Paul" electric Ukuleles. They are Concert size and come in either Black or Sunburst. They have active under saddle pickups, volume, bass and treble slider controls a quarter inch main jacksocker on the side and a 3.5mm input and output jack socket on the back (this is not a good design feature because if you use them the plug digs into you when you play).

I think the build quality, (apart from the rear sockets), is excellent with the whole neck assembly being particularly good. I also think this is the most "Stratocaster" looking Ukulele commercially available, though I don't think the Les Paul version looks particularly Les Paulish

As the publicity shots show they come with fairly heavy black strings. I have replaced the strings on mine with lighter Ko'Aloha Golds, partly because I prefer the lighter string and partly because I think the gold on black looks good.

Tone wise its an electric Ukulele so a lot depends on how you amplify it but remember its not going to sound like a "Strat" (without a lot of effects). It isn't entirely silent when un-amplified but it only makes enough noise to annoy the person sitting next to you