AXL Recording King Resonator Concert Ukulele

My Nickel Resonator
branded Recording King

Recording King engraved Ukulele back
AXL Dobro Ukulele
It has Aquila Banjolele strings and is tuned g~C~E~A

It came with a very nice Hard Case too



Recording King RU 998 Resonator

I love my Resonator Ukulele, It's very shiny, (so hard to photograph and prone to tarnish), sounds great, is loud and is everything I want from a Resonator Ukulele. It says Recording King on the headstock but I know its just a Badge and it comes from an AXL factory in China, the same as most of the other Resonator Ukuleles out there. As well as badging them for everybody, (Ashbury, Gold Tone, Johnson to name a few), they do a Brass finish as well as the Nickel and I have seen wooden body ones too. The Nickel ones can be smooth or come with an engraved body and mine is engraved. The engraving looks good and effect is only diminished if you see a lot of them with the identical engraved pattern so you know its all done by machine.

Recording King was a pre war brand originally owned by the US mail order firm Montgomery Ward but they stopped using it, let the name lapse and it was picked up by AXL as one of their brands.

It is tuned g~C~E~A and as the strings it came weren't great I have replaced them with some Aquila Banjo Ukulele strings, (I wanted to keep the strings heavy to get the most from the resonator cone)