Oscar Schmidt Bell Monkeypod Concert Ukulele

My Oscar Schmidt Bell

USM washburn monkeypod 0u250 bell ukulele
indonesian monkeypod concert ukulele
It has Aquila strings on it and is tuned g~C~E~A

bell ukulele

Lyon and Healy original bell at Lardy's Ukulele Database

The Original (Lyon & Healy) Bell

Oscar Schmidt OU250

These days Oscar Schmidt is the name Washburn, (well actually US Music who own the brand names - Well Actually Actually JAM Industries who own USM), give primarily to their brand of Ukuleles; and they make very nice Ukuleles. Lyon & Healy (who originally owned the Washburn name and had nothing to do with the original Oscar Schmidt), had a bell model in the late 20's (along with the Shrine, the Camp and the others), and this is a modern interpretation of that, (Why they don't reproduce the others I don't know? maybe they will one day).

This is a really nicely put together Ukulele smells great and has a good low action. Trembesi is the Indonesian name for Monkeypod, (a wood which Lyon & Healy were fond of using too), and on this Ukulele it looks lovely. The only issue is a fairly large blemish on the back! It looks like the mark left when a sticker was removed but the mark is under the varnish so if it is, it is something that was done at the factory and should have been removed before any further processing. It doesn't really detract from the sound or playability of the Ukulele, or to be honest the overall beauty of the wood but...

It also came with a nice Hard case, (useful because of the different shape)