Ohana CK65D D hole Concert Ukulele

My CK-65D

ohana spruce top Concert Ukulele
Ohana Mahogany concert ukulele back
It has Aquila Strings on and is tuned g~C~E~A

Makai LC150D spruce top concert at Lardy's Ukulele Database

Makai LC150D

Ohana CK-65D

Ohana is another company where all of the actual Ukuleles are made in China though they have a California address and this is a very odd example in the usually quite traditional range. The top is Spruce and the back and sides are Mahogany with a two tone fretboard

I decided I really liked the two tone fretboard and tried to get the Makai version while I was in Las Vegas, but they were out of stock so I got the Tie-Dye Ukadelic instead. I finally found one of the Ohana's on sale (you didn't get Makai Ukuleles in Europe at the time), and brought it. I was willing to pay the Ohana premium as I was very impressed with the quality of my SK21 Sopranino.

Sadly there is not quite the QC this time. There is a bit of a blemish on the back of this if you look closely. It's not a split though, but it looks like it might progress to one in the future which is a worry. Happily it doesn't currently affect the sound which is a classic spruce top tone. Apart from the blemish it has a lovely satin finish and from the front a beautiful two tone look with the contrasting woods.