Ohana CK65D D hole Concert Ukulele

My CK-65D

ohana spruce top Concert Ukulele
Ohana Mahogany concert ukulele back
Ohana CK65 concert at Lardys Ukulele Database
Ohana Publicity Photo
Makai LC150D spruce top concert at Lardy's Ukulele Database
Makai LC150D

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It has Aquila Strings on and is tuned g~C~E~A

Ohana CK-65D

Ohana is another company where all of the actual Ukulele's are made in China though they have a California address and this is a very odd example in the usually quite traditional range. The top is Spruce and the back and sides are Mahogany with a two tone fret board

I decided I really liked the two tone fret board and tried to get the Makai version while I was in Las Vegas, but they were out of stock so I got the Tie-Dye Ukadelic instead. I finally found one of the Ohana's on sale (you didn't get Makai Ukuleles in Europe at the time), and brought it. I was willing to pay the Ohana premium as I was very impressed with the quality of my SK21 Sopranino.

Sadly there is not quite the QC this time. There is a bit of a blemish on the back of this if you look closely. Its not a split though, but it looks like it might progress to one in the future which is a worry. Happily it doesn't currently affect the sound which is a classic spruce top tone. Apart from the blemish it has a lovely satin finish and from the front a beautiful two tone look with the contrasting woods.