Northern Triangle canadian school Concert ukulele

My Northern Triangle

J Chalmers Doane northern Concert Ukulele
J Chalmers Doane canadian school Ukulele triangle
Japanese Canada school Ukulele concert triangle
Tuned g~C~E~A
The string on it are OK but I don't know what they are?

J Chalmers Doane northern Concert Ukulele



Northern Triangle

Northern was set up by J Chalmers Doane in Canada in the late 60's to produce Ukuleles for a school music program that ran through most of the 70's using these distinctive Ukuleles with the Maple Leaf headstock and the Made In Japan sticker on the other side, (all the Ukuleles were made by Mitsuba Gakki). There are still quite a few about in various states, (as to be expected as something that was mass produced for school kids). They were predominantly Concert size though there are some Soprano's and to my mind this is now quite an iconic Ukulele and I think will become another classic in time. Certainly it was an influence for the development of the MFC Fluke which in turn had a significant impact on the ushering of the third phase of Ukulele popularity

It does stand up, unsupported, on its flat base, and it did come with a very 70's vinyl bag that smells just how I would imagine a Canadian classroom of the period would