Lani LC55DJ Juniper Cutaway Acoustic Concert Ukulele

My Lani Juniper
Juniper? Are you Sure?

acoustica lani alto concert with offset sound hole
Acoustica Lani juniper laminate concert ukulele back
chinese made concert ukulele with epaulette sound hole and juniper veneer
It has white GHS strings and is tuned g~C~E~A



Lani LC-55-DJ

Lani are a new company going down the well trodden path of "Designed in America, Made in China, (and as far as I can see marketed through an office in Checkheaton West Yorkshire?)" Most of the catalogue is the very normal fair. Beyond the logo I don't think a lot of designing was needed But there are a couple that look a little different and my favourite is the LC55DJ. (though truth to tell this looks to me like a copy of one of Shinji Takahasi's T Ukuleles rather than something original - still I liked that Ukulele and I like this too)

The Cutaway is suppose to be made of Juniper Wood, I've never heard of a Ukulele made of Juniper before and I'm not sure beyond it being 3 ply laminate, what wood is actually used. Whatever the top veneer is, (and lets assume it is Juniper, its not a wood I recognise), it is very pretty with a golden hue and a pretty grain. Sadly it just smells of varnish though.

It plays very nicely with a good solid loud tone and a very forgiving action. Certainly for the moment I won't mess about with the strings