Jisheng Frame Electric Concert Ukulele

My Jisheng Frame

concert Sojung Silent Ukulele
Jisheng Skeleton Alto Electric Ukulele
Rockpile Skylark electric Concert silent Ukulele
Mine still has the factory black strings it came with - I don't know what they are but they feel better than GHS - and its tuned g~C~E~A



Jisheng Frame

This is another innovative Ukulele from the Jeshing Factory in China. When I brought it, It was advertised as a "Rockpile" but thankfully it wasn't actually branded as such. I have seen others branded by the importers though, along the lines of my other Jeshing Ukuleles. I have also seen this model called a "Silent Ukulele" and a "Skeleton" as well as a Frame (and there is a Soprano and Tenor version too). It was certainly the case in the past that Jeshing made Ukuleles for Bugsgear, I am told they don't now but the neck and headstock is very reminiscent of a number of Eleuke models

The Ukulele itself is very good. it has a great fretboard and action and is one of my favourites for sitting "noodling" in front of the telly. It does have an active pick-up and headphone socket, (just like Eleukes?), but I don't use it really with headphones. With just me and my talent it is loud enough to get by on despite the "Silent Ukulele" rap.

My biggest criticism is the cheapness of the backplate and control knobs These really let down what is an otherwise excellent Ukulele

One other thing to know were you to get one, is because of the large top horn, it doesn't fit in Concert cases or gig bags, nor most Tenor ones, (but it does fit in Mandolin Cases and gig bags)