Ibanez Talman Concert

My Ibanez Talman

Hoshino Ibanes Talman Concert Ukulele side
Ibanez Talman Ukulele back
Ibanez UTCY10ENT concert Ukulele high gloss laminate
It has Aquila strings on and is tuned g~C~E~A



Ibanez UTCY10ENT Talman

This has the model number UTCY10ENT which is not the most inspiring, or memorable, of names to be given so as its body shape is based on that of the Ibanez Talman Guitar lets call it the Talman.

It was made in Indonesia not China as is the case with a number of the Ukuleles from recognised Guitar manufacturers.

For some reason best known to Ibanez they don't import this model into Europe but Dicky was kind enough to bring me one back from the U.S. on one of his trips there, (Thanks Dicky).

It is made of laminate mahogany and very well put together with a good high gloss finish. As is often the case with high gloss finishes it is only averagely loud acoustically but it does have a pickup if you want to make it really loud. Tone wise it sounds like a laminate ukulele, perfectly acceptable but missing that solid nuance. As well as having a good active pickup this also has a built in tuner so I can pretend not to have cloth ears.