Hollywood style 8 Concert (with replacement tuners)

My experienced Hollywood

hollywood rope tenor ukulele
california made 1920s concert tenor ukulele
Schireson Brothers rope tenor ukulele
It has Martin strings on and is tuned g~C~E~A



Schireson Bros. Hollywood Style 8

This, (apart from the dodgy replacement geared tuners it came with), is one of the most celebrated pre war Ukuleles. It's a Schireson Brothers Hollywood, (originally called Tenor but now redefined as) Concert scale Ukulele. Like Ditson and Wurlitzer, the Schireson Brothers sold the best quality Ukuleles, but unlike Ditson and Wurlitzer the Schireson Brothers made their own, well had their own workshop in Los Angeles where they were made. It came up as a "buy it now" on ebay at a reasonable price and though it has seen a lot of experience in the past the seller assures me that everything has been sorted by Elderly Instruments in the US, (before somehow it got to the UK and he got it from SUS?) I did think about it for a bit because of the "experience" but I decided, as I want a Hollywood and you don't see many in the UK. The seller also said if I didn't like it when I had seen it I could have my money back, so nothing really to lose then. I did have a catalogue somewhere so I will get the model number for it, all I can say at the moment is that is not an 9 or a 10 because it's the fully rope bound mahogany one. I think it may be a 5 and I will update this bit once I find the catalogue. I think I will also put a sensible set of friction tuners on it too once it is here because those geared ones don't look good

I went and collected it, and the seller can keep the money. My word it's gorgeous, (apart from those tuners! And the chap who sold it to me proudly told me that he was responsible for them!? no accounting for taste. Still he also told me he was selling it to me with a hard case for less than half what he paid for it 6 months ago; not counting the tuners; and they are, if not right for the look of the thing, at least good quality Grover tuners) It is also really nicely restored. Yes you can see it has had a LOT of "experience" but everything is very tight and solid now and it does feel very nice to play. It is also probably the cleanest Ukulele I have ever got that wasn't new, (and cleaner than a lot I've got that were new) But those tuners have to go; as soon as I've plucked up the courage to mess about with it...
And now they've gone; and it looks, (to me), a great deal better. Sadly the grovers I took off have left a number of small screw holes in the back of the headstock but I would rather that than leave them on.