Harmony Johnny Marvin Professional Tenor concert size Ukulele

My Concert sized Professional Tenor

Harmony Jonny Marvin Concert Ukulele
1928 Harmony Concert Ukulele
It has Worth Brown strings on and is tuned g~C~E~A



Harmony "Johnny Marvin Professional Tenor"

Just who is Johnny Marvin?

Cos his Professional Tenor Ukulele is coming to Ukulele Corner! (Though I think it lied on the CV when it got the job because its only a Concert)

There might be an interesting history to this Ukulele but I'll never know it. The instrument itself dates to the late 20's (Some say the aero bridge was to celebrate Lindbergh crossing the Atlantic in 1927 but I have also read that it was developed as a way of stopping the "bellying" on Harmony better quality Ukuleles and the timing is coincidental; If that was the case though it clearly didn't work as later models had a standard bridge), and was made by Harmony in Chicago. It cost $15 new at the time and was one of Harmony's better quality models (there was a $25 Deluxe koa version too) and as this was the period when Harmony was boasting about sticking to the Standard Approved scale lengths it was marketed as a Tenor, (even though it is what is now considered - and was considered by Martin at the time as - a Concert scale). So there it is a classic Chicago Ukulele - but I'm getting it from a bloke in Liverpool! How it got there would be the interesting history? It might be one of the ones that came across with Johnny Marvin when he toured the UK in 1928 (Its almost certainly not the gold plated one he presented to the then Prince of Wales but I shall check it for any gold bits when it gets here) or it might have came later by a more circuitous route? And as to the opening question Johnny Marvin was a, (largely forgotten), US Vaudeville act of the 20's and 30's who tried to get an endorsement with Martin because that was what he actually played - but Martin don't do endorsements so he went to Harmony and took an endorsement with them, (so I presume he started playing Harmony's?)

It's here now and this one is in much better condition than I was expecting - I think the bridge pins are replacements and it has worth strings on but apart from that its pretty original The frets don't need dressing the gloss finish is still glossy if a little cracked and chipped in places and it certainly has the patina or "experience"