Dean ML black Satin Concert Ukulele

My Black Satin ML

Armadillo Dean ml Ukelele
dean guitars ml Ukulele back
armadillo enterprises dean alto heavy metal ukulele
It has Aurora blue strings on it and is tuned g~C~E~A

Dean ML electric guitar at Lardy's Ukulele Database

The Guitar its based on

Dean ML Black Satin

Based on the body shape of the ML, one of Deans most iconic, (and Heavy Metal) Guitars when I saw the Ukulele versions, (there is a natural one and the all black "Black Satin" one), I was overtaken by lust! Now I know lust is a deadly sin and whilst I shit on all religion and other irrational superstitions that aren't meant purely for fun, I know it can be argued there is some merit in that list. Of course my argument is I reject the concept of sin so it purely comes down to how I feel about the action; and I know how I feel about this one. As soon as I saw the Black Satin I know I had to have one, no if's, no but's, this has to be represented at Ukulele Corner. Yes I can't afford it. Yes I shouldn't be buying Ukuleles but this is different! I always wanted an Ibanez Iceman Ukulele but not a lot came to Europe and they were gone before I even started looking for one. It doesn't look like a lot of these will come to Europe either so I'm getting in the queue.

What a saga trying to get this Ukulele to come to Ukulele Corner proved to be. After a 7 month wait for some to be delivered to Europe I swapped the order I had with Thomann for the Mando-Strat and went to put a bid in for a second hand one I had seen on US ebay; but it had gone! Something about an error in the listing - which usually means they have sold it elsewhere - so I thought "thats that" and resigned myself to the ML being like the Iceman, one that I have seen in photos but am unlikely to get. Turns out though it was just a listing error and the second hand one I had seen was back, (the postage had doubled in price), but I still put a bid; and no one else did. Even with the extra postage and import tax, its still cheaper than the one from Thomann - and this one was "in stock", so finally one comes to Ukulele Corner

Well ts finally, really, actually here! And I don't like it!

No I love it, though it is a bit awkward to play - the vee bit at the bottom makes it tricky to hold comfortably you kind of have to put you arm between the vee which then holds the body at an odd angle. It probably should have strap pins to get around the holding issue but it looks AWESOME so I'm not going to do anything that might detract from its original awesomeness. I shall learn to play it at a funny angle