classic cantabile concert long neck soprano pineapple at ukulele corner

My Big Pineapple

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Tuned g~C~E~A


Classic Cantabile Pineapple

A german eBay seller was celebrating his 20th anniversary with a number of 1€ start auctions, one of which was a long neck Pineapple Kekio that looked rather nice and reminded me that I wanted a long neck pineapple because a] I like the giraffe look of them and b] I don't have any Pineapple ukuleles with a longer scale length than Soprano. Anyway the auction may have started at 1€ but it ended a lot higher than I was willing to go. Still the guy put up another Pineapple with a 1€ start so I was off again. Only this time the price didn't run away so quickly; in fact my invitation was only turned down in the final few seconds by one other person. What I had noticed with this auction though was it was just a Soprano Pineapple not a long neck, but in the usual ebay fashion while looking at it before the end of the auction, I got an advert for a very reasonable looking long neck pineapple with a buy it now price and that was this Classic Cantabile. So out went the invite before the end of the auction, after all I was still after a long neck. It would have been nice to get both but I'm very happy to settle with only this one.

It's here, and its just over 15 in scale so its definitely a Concert; and even though it has a 14 fret neck it doesn't look like a Supersoprano, it looks like a proper Concert scale Pineapple. It plays very nicely too; though it doesn't seem to have the extra volume you sometimes get with a Pineapple.