Beltona Type#2 Concert Resonator Ukulele

My Black Beltona

Beltona florentine concert resonator Ukulele
Beltona Dobro Ukulele back
beltona cutaway dobro Ukulele
It is tuned g~C~E~A and has fairly heavy black strings on. I don't know the make but they are quite good and work well so I will leave them for now



Beltona #2 Resonator

Beltona were originally a British manufacturer but they moved out to New Zealand now and manufacture this one from there (they have moved back to the UK again now). They only make resonator instruments and to be even more different the bodies are made from resin not wood or metal. This they say makes them lighter and gives a better sound.

I won mine on ebay, well won is probably the wrong word I was the only bidder. This meant that I did get it for a lot less than a new one or than the seller was hoping for but it was still quite expensive

This has a really great tone and bags of volume, not a lot of sustain though so some songs don't work well. The composite body is much lighter that a metal one, (though its still heavy for a Ukulele) and takes a beautiful coloured finish. The neck is a lovely piece of wood, well finished with spot on intonation and as you would expect for the money, quality tuners too. All in all though this is a quality product - I really want a Type #1 too now