fender 52 telecaster concert ukulele

My '52 Tele

fender telecaster concert ukulele
ukulele with tele shaped back
electric acoustic fender 52 telecaster ukulele
It's tuned g~C~E~A with Fender strings on

Fender t-bucket tenor at Lardy's Ukulele Database

The T Bucket Tenor

Fender Ukulele '52

With Ukulele Corner providing a safe home for Ukuleles and other fretted chordophones, (and probably unfretted ones too if they need a home) This time I have invited a fairly new Fender '52 Concert to come and live here. When I started inviting Ukuleles I knew at least one Fender would come being a fan of the electric Guitars so I got the Hai'ola but I thought at the time Fender should, themselves cash in on the Telecaster body shape like Gibson did with the Epiphone Les Paul, and were one available I would have gone for that even though I had the Mahalo "Tele" already. Later when the did bring one out I was tempted, as I was again with the T-Bucket. When I was moving from the old Corner and the chap buying it wanted me to leave him a good Ukulele, (cheeky sod!) I did consider leaving him the Hai'ola so I had an excuse to get a T-Bucket or a '52. I didn't; I kept the Hai'ola, and it is still much loved, but when this one came up at a pretty bargain price I thought I would have a punt. As it was no one else bid so it's now on the way here where I can use it to play along with all the old Clash songs

It's here now and it's very "Rock'n'Roll"! Very glossy 2-tone vintage sunburst, built in tuner/pickup, (though it looks like the batteries on the way out - but this is the only evidence it isn't new. Well this and the fact that the strings have finished stretching so it stays in tune) This really is the Ukulele that Fender should make; and now they do.

I was a little disappointed with the tone when I first played it but I'm warming to it the more I play it. I have been playing a spruce top recently, and that has a lot more volume and a different tone which is what I was comparing it to. Possibly I may still change the strings anyway? I'm not sure what is on it at the moment but I do think there is some scope still for improvement , maybe some reds? maybe some fluorocarbon? Certainly I will report back if I find a set that makes it sound better, (and I may be sounding like I have a downer on it but really it's not that bad: and it does look the mutt's...) I do think it's lovely and I am glad I invited it to Ukulele Corner
And the more I play it the more I like the tone and the overall playability; I'm liking it more and more!