Skylark Paddle triangle Jumbo Tenor Ukulele

My Skylark Paddle

Sojing Paddle triangle Jumbo Tenor Ukulele
Skylark Guitars Paddle triangle baritone Ukulele
Jisheng Paddle triangle Jumbo Tenor Ukulele
It has D'Addario strings and I have tuned it D~G~B~E



Skylark Paddle

This is from the Jisheng factory in China and has been imported and branded as Skylark by Skylark Guitars. I have seen the same model imported and branded differently by other people

It is quite a big Ukulele with a Scale of 47.5 cm, (20 in), which normally puts it just in the Baritone range, but it is sold as a Tenor, and came with all nylon Tenor Strings so I am happy to say it is a Jumbo Tenor. That said I currently have a set of Baritone strings on it and I can't decide which is better? There does seem to be more rattling and buzz than with the Tenor strings.

Its physical size doesn't stop at the scale length, it has a very wide neck and the thickest sound board I have ever seen! It is 3 ply spruce laminate but any one of the three layers is as thick as a normal sound board. This thickness does lead to it being a little quiet. While I'm on the subject of thickness it also has a very thick rosewood fretboard.

With its paddle shaped and being so solidly built I think you could really use it as a paddle but it does have attractive bindings and quite a nice gloss finish; especially the sides and back