Korala Koa Cutaway Electro-Acoustic Baritone ukulele

My koa top Korala

korala mahogany body koa top baritone Ukulele
Korala cutaway baritone Ukulele mahogany back
korala electric acoustic baritone ukulele

The strings are Aquila and I have tuned it to the standard D~G~B~E



Korala UKB-40

It's not a bad perspective thing, this Ukulele does have a very small headstock in proportion to the rest of its body. Aside from that, and you get use to the look, this is a very nicely made Ukulele with some great woods, a good pickup and a lovely Baritone sound. The soundboard is Koa and the back and sides are Mahogany, (looking on the website it appears Korala don't do this combination any more, just spruce top or all mahogany; they also don't appear to be doing the electro-acoustic Baritones any more either). From what I can see it is a solid wood soundboard not a laminate one too.

The pickup is active and it uses a 3v coin battery rather that the 9v ones. This is good for anti-leaking but makes it a little fiddly to change. The closed machine heads are very good and and keep it in tune. I find this a very versatile Ukulele, it works well acoustically and through the amplifier.