Koloa High Gloss Mahogany Baritone at Ukulele corner

My Glossy Koloa

koloa shiny Mahogany jumbo tenor at Ukulele Corner
koloa china Mahogany gloss Bari at Ukelele Corner
Chinese Mahogany gloss Baritone at Ukulele Corner
It has a set of Aquilla all nylon Jumbo Tenor strings and is tuned g~C~E~A not to the standard Baritone tuning
Chinese Mahogany gloss Baritone at Ukulele Corner



Koloa KU650

This is what Ukulele Underground calls "one of the most underrated Baritones" It is a very nice piece of Mahogany and it does come with a very nice High Gloss finish. A couple of notes of caution - It has a very wide fretboard, and the high gloss finish is possibly behind it's lack of acoustic volume (the amount of varnish does seem to do that). On the minus side, I am unsure about the quality of the build as mine had to go back for a warranty repair. The Bridge just came off in the middle of the night! There was a huge clongggg that woke me up! I thought one of the rails had fallen down, (and I have heard of this happening on other ones as well - the bridge coming off not the rail falling down!). The machine heads may look good too, but they don't have a very smooth action; they do keep it in tune though.

Partly because of the bridge coming off, and partly because I wanted to try it out on one of the Baritones I have replaced the strings it came with, with a set of Aquilla all nylon g~C~E~A Baritone/Jumbo Tenor strings, (I think the all nylon will put less strain on the bridge). It certainly sounds different and I quite like it, (still quite for its size though)