My Clearwater Roundback

plastic round back baritone ukulele
plastic round back baritone ukulele
plastic round back baritone ukulele
It has the standard Baritone D~G~B~E tuning and Aquilas on

Clearwater baritone Ukulele

Clearwater Baritone at lardy's Ukulele Database

Ohana BK 70RB
looks Identical but no pickup

Clearwater UCW7B

This is my biggest proper Ukulele, bigger even than the other Baritones. It has a nice spruce top, (as time goes on I am increasingly getting to like spruce), a good passive pickup, (so it doesn't need batteries), and a very smooth and quite thin bodied, almost travel size, plastic composite round back, (which is cold against your skin if you play it bare chested and a bit slippery to hold if you have a shirt on!). It does have a strap pin though so you can use a strap, (not that I do - that's how I know its cold against the skin!), and it does sound nice when you play it.

When it came it had D'Addario strings, which were 2 wound and 2 black and I didn't think the black suited the spruce top so I have replaced them with 2 wound and 2 white Aquila's and I think they look much better.

Clearwater source their models from the same factory in China as some of the more prestigious brands like Ohana With this model its the same one as Ohana BK 70RB, (except that Clearwater's have a passive pickup fitted), and they both come from the Artiny Guitar Factory