Chinese rubin Caramel acacia koa solid baritone Ukulele

My Caramel Toffee

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Tuned g~C~E~A


Caramel CB204

This is a Rubin Commerce & Trade Co. solid acacia acoustic electric Baritone branded Caramel that was reduced to an irresistible, (to me), bargain price because there are some cosmetic marks. From the photo of them they don't look much, I do like the build quality of my Rubin Soprano, and the wood does look nice.

Now it it here I must say it does look lovely and I can't even find the marks it was reduced in price for? It is lovely solid acacia koa with a very mellow tone, it feels wonderful and smells wonderful too. The built in tuner was a bit of a faff to get working, but now it works and its very handy with the strings being new and still stretching.